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Stepping Stone Pavers is a family owned business that was created to provide homeowners, contractors and commercial clients with everything they need to transform their hardscapes in New Orleans. From pavers to flagstone, Stepping Stone Pavers can provide everything that you need with excellent professional and excellent customer service.

Segmental Retaining Wall Stones

retaining walls in New Orleans Segmental Retaining Wall stones are available in pallet size quantities. Whether you're look for traditional beveled retaining wall stones like the Anchor Diamond® and Anchor Winsor® or contemporary designs like Anchor Highland Stone™ and Rumbled™ Wall stones, we have the hardscape material you need in stock. Contact us today for the most recent pricing and shipping information.

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Paving Stone Suppliers

paving stones in New OrleansWe also have Pave Stones or "Pavers" available in a large variety of colors, shapes, and styles to fit any installation. Our pavers are available for purchase in pallet size quantity, in a range of prices to fit any hardscaping budget. We feature traditional large shape pavers like Holland Stone and Bishop's Hat as well as interlocking patterns by DecoraStone™, Uni Eco-Stone®, and Delta-Stone. For fine detail and intricate designs, our Grasstone™, Symetry™, and Plaza Stone Series are also available.

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Unique, Custom-Designed PaverArt

PaverArtPaverart products are completely customized patio stones cut to your exact design color and specifications. Instead of stained or stamped concrete, which can wear over time and require additional maintenance, Paverart products are durable hardscaping material, custom cut into any shape and design you choose. It is a beautiful way to create a patio, driveway, or walkway that is completely unique to your property.

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Flagstone Walkways and Patio Materials

flagstone design in New OrleansFlagstone is generally used in walkways and patios, but can also be used in fences and walls for ornate yet natural finishes. Like assembling a jigsaw puzzle, flagstone walkways and patios are made up of random shape and size flat stones. The variety and placement of the flagstone works to create a beautiful, cohesive finished product. With no two installations exactly alike, flagstone patios are a great way to give your property a unique, yet natural finish.

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Natural Stone Design and Accents

natural stone design in New OrleansProper stone placement is key when it comes to natural stone design and accents. A well-planned design requires the combination a variety of quality, natural stone focal points and accents. From larger rock features down to pebbles, Stepping Stone Pavers has the hardscaping materials that you need to create a beautiful outdoor space with a natural flow. Our experienced professionals can help to point you in the right direction when it comes to our natural stone selections.

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Bulk Hardscape Materials for Commercial and Contractors

While we provide excellent service to our household and residential clients, we also cater to commercial installers and hardscaping contractors. With a variety of hardscaping materials available in bulk amounts, we can easily supply your next major installation. Contact us today for more information about our large-scale purchases and shipping options.

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Decorative Statuary for Residential and Commercial Installations

New Orleans statuaryWhether you select a traditional patio installation or strive for a natural hardscaping product, decorative statuary can serve as beautiful accents and focal points in your design. With a variety of fixtures large and small, our well-stocked facility will have exactly what you need to give your hardscaping project the final finishing touch to set it apart from the rest.

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