New Orleans Pavers

New Orleans retaining walls


Grasstone™ is a multi-functional product that can be used for slope surface stabilization, and for paving areas. Its honeycomb shape allows grass and other vegetation to grow, while making the slope, trail or parking lot a stable driving surface if necessary. Grasstone™ is perfect for overflow parking lots, historical sites, or driving trails. Contact your local Pavestone representative for subgrade and sub-base minimum requirements.

Available Colors
* Surcharge for colors marked by asterisk.
* Custom colors available upon request. Call 1-888-902-8880

Emergency Vehicle Access Routes • Fire Lanes • Overflow Parking • Permeable Pavements • Slope Surface Stabilization • Tree Protection

Product Information

Grasstone™ is available in a Height/Thicknesses of 100mm. Quantity/sq. ft. approximately 1.68 pieces.

  60mm x 7" x 6"
Wt./Piece 41 lbs.
Pcs./pallet 45
Wt./pallet 3060 lbs.
Face Sq.Ft./pallet 30

Cross Section of Typical
Level Installation
Cross Section of Typical
Erosion Control Installation


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